"Finding Dory" Series 1 Figurine Packs

As I build up my blog, sometimes I will share new/new to me items as I find them, but sometimes I will share items I have had in my collection for a long time. I hope you will find both kinds of posts as interesting, and that you might see some toys or memorabilia that you haven’t seen before.

For my first proper post, I am going to share with you some new items from Finding Dory that I purchased today. I got them from a toy shop here in the UK and had actually gone in to look at something completely different but whenever I go in a toy shop, I always have a quick look to see if they have any Toy Story toys in particular as quite often they put out old stock they’ve had in the back of the shop for a while and I can find a few gems at great prices. There was nothing new in the Toy Story section today but right next to it was the new selection of toys from the upcoming Finding Dory. I could literally have bought it all if I’d had the money (and I will definitely be going back and getting some of the robo fish at some point) but alas, I did not. However, I can never resist little figure bags so I absolutely had to get some of these:
They were £2.99 each and my originally aim was to try and find Dory, Nemo and Crush at least by feeling the bags; however, when I turned them over I was delighted to see that they are not true blind bags because they have a small clear window on the back so you can look in and see which figure is inside!
So, because I would therefore know that I definitely wasn’t getting any doubles, I ended up getting the complete set 😉 Also, it may be worth noting that I went through two boxes of them and only found one Nemo and one Dory so whether there are less of them in the boxes, I have no idea, but its certainly a possibility.
There are 8 figures to collect in series one; Nemo, Dory, Becky, Crush, Hank, Sea Otter, Pearl and Hermit Crab. I was a little disappointed that more of the new characters weren’t included but as its series one, hopefully they will release some of those in the next set. Anyway, here is the series one gang all lined up, and some more close up pictures of them in pairs:


I always have a soft spot for Dory so I particularly love her figure, but otherwise I think my favorites from this set are Hank, Crush and Pearl. I hope you like them, and that you can find them in the shops too as they are a definite must have for any Finding Dory collection 🙂

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