Funko Pop Vinyl Figures – Up – Russell & Carl

I’m intending to share a post with a toy/s or memorabilia from each Pixar movie that I have any for so there is something on each page of the site before I start re-doing the same movies etc. So today I am sharing some recent Up toys that I got.

I hadn’t been that into the Funko Pop Vinyl figures when I’d only seen them in photos but then a friend sent me Woody and Buzz (and later, Jessie) and I realized they are actually pretty cool 🙂 However, as I mainly buy my toys and memorabilia at car boot sales and thrift shops, I never come across any this way. A few weeks ago I decided my Up collection needed expanding so I thought I’d give the Carl and Russell figures a go.
Now, before I go any further, I better warn you (as some toy collectors will hate me for this) that I do not keeps toys in boxes. Toys are for playing with so although I do open them as carefully as I can and do keep the boxes, I do de-box all my toys. So if you aren’t comfortable with that, this blog isn’t for you lol 🙂 Also, its completely Toy Story’s 2 fault that I am this way so blame it on that haha!
Anyway, Russell and Carl came a few weeks ago but I only just got round to opening them today. The boxes are pretty standard, with illustrations of the respective figures on them, as well as pictures of other figures available on the back. I’m a little annoyed that my Russell box has a sticker on the bottom but its not the end of the world as boxes aren’t a huge priority for me as mentioned earlier (sorry again!).
Here they are together out their boxes. At first glance, Carl is definitely my favourite. I would be more comfortable with Russell if he had a mouth of some kind but apart from that, he is pretty cute. It would also have been cool if they had done them in a set together and scaled them a bit better together size wise but each on their own, they are both adorable.
Carl’s stick is a bit bent but I kind of like it like that as it makes him look slightly more in motion. His grumpy face is just perfect. His painting is a little scrappy in places but on the whole, generally pretty good.
As I said before, I’d prefer Russell with a little mouth of some kind but its the general style of all the Pop Vinyl figures so I guess I’ll have to get over it if I’m going to get more of them lol. For some reason I don’t find it as noticeable with my Woody, Buzz and Jessie but I do with Russell. Again, his paint work is a little scrappy in places but generally ok. I love how his hands are clenched and if you look at him from behind, you can really notice Russell’s determined stance which I adore.
As a whole, I am pretty happy with them and I’m sure I’ll be expanding my Pop Vinyl collection in the future. Top of my wishlist are Wall-E, Eve, Bing Bong, Sadness, Arlo, Boo and Rex though I know some of them are quite hard to find at a reasonable price now so we’ll have to see what happens.

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