The Good Dinosaur – Chomping Spot

I picked up a bunch of The Good Dinosaur toys in a shop here in the UK called Home Bargains. They sell stuff at discount prices and they had loads of stuff in from TGD. I didn’t get one of everything but I will go back and get some more items soon before they sell out.

One of the things I did get though was this Chomping Spot toy for £4.99. Here he is in his box:

Spot comes with two bugs that he can chomp on, they are just basic solid plastic figures in one block colour.
Spot is pretty hard to stand, its virtually impossible to get him to stand just on his legs; and while it is easier on all fours, I found it difficult to get all his hands and feet touching the floor. In terms of his likeness to his character, I think he is pretty spot on 🙂
To get Spot to do his chomping action, you squeeze his legs together and his mouth opens and closes and he makes little growling noises like he did in the movie. Please excuse my not so great photos of him with his mouth open; I only have the use of one arm and I didn’t have the energy to set up my tripod so I had to balance it on something and use the timer so I could squeeze his legs with my good arm to get the shots with his mouth open lol! If you check my instagram account too, I shared a video so you can see him in action and hear the noises he makes.
Overall, I think its a pretty neat toy and a great one to add to any TGD collection. If you are in the UK, make sure you head on down to Home Bargains to grab him and other TGD toys whilst they are cheap!

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