Intergalactic Buzz Lightyear by Thinkway Toys

I was lucky enough to win a few ebay auctions really cheaply recently and the first of my wins arrived home at the weekend. He is an Intergalactic Buzz Lightyear made by Thinkway Toys.

He did come in his original box which has seen better days but not too bad considering his age and that he was apparently very much a child’s toy in his former home. The sides of the box have the same thing printed on each side. I really love the graphics on the boxes and packaging of the older toys, they just feel more authentic to the film.

The instruction sheet for how to use his disc shooting back pack, flip up arm communicator and lightbulb installation was still inside the box:
On the box pictures, Buzz he is shown to be really shimmery but in reality he is a basic sort of metallic silver colour. The metallic paint has been scratched or rubbed off in a few places on mine, particularly at the back, but I am still pretty pleased with the condition he is in for the price I paid. Unfortunately, the only buttons that still work on him are the blue, green and red ones. His laser does not work anymore, and neither does the flip up arm communicator button. I shared a video on my instagram account showing what he says when you press the working buttons. Also, you can’t see it very well in the video because its daylight, but when you press those buttons and he talks, he also lights up around his head/visor which looks really cool in the dark. With regards to his joints and movement capabilities, he is pretty much the same as the standard Buzz Lightyear’s.
Intergalactic Buzz comes with a little “backpack” piece which acts as a disc launcher. You can clip it into his back, or some of the pictures on the box show it in his hand but you would need to physically hold it like that, it doesn’t clip on like it does on his back. The disc launcher still works, you just slot a disc into the top and squeeze the two red triggers in on either side and it actually shoots quite far!
Intergalactic Buzz does have pop out wings but sadly it doesn’t pop out all the way on one side of mine. I’ve tried to jiggle it around but no luck so far. Its not a huge issue for me though as I tend to display them with their wings packed in anyway.
All in all, I am thrilled with the latest edition to my Buzz Lightyear collection. He has his flaws but he is still wonderful to me. Here are some bonus pictures of our favourite space ranger 🙂

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