The Good Dinosaur – Tomy Figure Packs

I picked these TGD figure packs up in a discount shop here in the UK a few weeks ago and have finally got round to taking some pictures of them. The packs I got were Little Arlo, Libby & Buck; Spot & Lizard, Sam, and Young Arlo.

The boxes all have the same background art and Arlo & Spot on the bottom left corner. The backs of the boxes show you the figure in that pack with some writing about their character (except Sam which doesn’t tell you anything about himself). They also show a picture of the Forrest figure that is available and which the little critters that are included in each pack can fit onto; as well as images of the other figures available in the series. Unfortunately the shop I got these in did not have the rest otherwise I’d have got them all.
Little Arlo, Buck and Libby are my favourite I think as they are just so darn cute! They all have moving legs and you can turn their necks too.
Spot & Lizard are pretty cool too. Lizard’s front legs move but thats it, but his colours are nice and vibrant. Spot is pretty awesome and his arms and legs all move, plus you can open and close his mouth. It would have been nice if he could sit on his bottom but he can’t (not without help from some blu tac!)
Sam’s legs move like the other figures but you can’t move his head. Looking at his mouth I thought that would open and close too from the way its sculpted and it does but only by a minute amount. I like the detail around his mouth though. His colour reminds me of Trixie from Toy Story 3 🙂 Also, the little critter can sit on him too (in fact, all the critters that came in these packs can sit on him there) 🙂
Finally we come to Young Arlo who is also a favourite. His legs all move, you can twist his neck, and his mouth opens and closes which means you can get him in some lovely positions for photos. The paint work on his back is really nice, though his eyes are a little “starey” if you look at him straight on. His critter also fits on his tail; and Spot is quite nice with him scale wise and can stand on his back.
All in all, they are a really nice set of figures and I am very pleased with them, especially at the price I purchased them at. Now I just need to find the other packs to complete my set!

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