Tomy "Inside Out" Joy & Console

I know I said originally that I was going to share something from my collection from each film to build up the sections on the blog before sharing items from films I’ve already done, but I got a bunch of Inside Out toys recently and wanted to share them all as I’m really feeling the IO love at the moment! I will do so over the next few days as it would be too many to share in one post.

I’ll start with the Joy & Light Up Console set by Tomy. Its designed to go with the Headquarters playset which I will show you in another post. This set includes a Joy figure and the Console which lights up when you press a button on it; and also, when you hold the figures near it when it is lit, they are meant to glow too.

The box is pretty cool. The background image is of headquarters so it looks like a little scene setter with Joy and the Console in front of it. The sides of the box show the other 4 emotions on one side, and Bing Bong on the other. The back of the box typically shows what other toys are available in the range.

Out of the box, Joy is a pain! She can’t stand at all on her own so I had to prop her against the Console or support her with blue-tac. Her arms move up and down a bit but thats about as exciting as she gets in terms of her movement. I think her left arm/hand is meant to be able to hold a memory sphere and I tried it with a sphere from one of the other characters (which I will write about tomorrow) but as she won’t stand, it won’t stay on there, you have to hold it on.
The console is fairly cool. It’s not overly detailed but acceptable enough for what is really a child’s toy 😉 You get it to light up by pressing the yellow button on the wheel on the right side. It doesn’t really notice at all in daylight, works much better in the dark. You can also put memory sphere’s that come with the other characters in the space in the middle and when you light the console up, you can see the picture inside them a bit better. I will show you that in tomorrow’s blog post. Also, when the console is lit, if you move a figure in front of the console, the figure will glow. It only works if they are standing right in front of it as seen below. Of the 5 emotions, Joy glows the best.
In general, its a neat little toy and I’m pleased to have it in my Inside Out collection. However, what I do dislike about this toy range is that to get the complete set of toys, you basically end up with at least 2 Joy figures. The Headquarters playset comes with a Joy and 3 of her memory sphere’s but no console. So if you want the Console to go with the Headquarters, you have to buy this set which means Joy figure number 2. You can also get an individual Joy figure with one memory sphere. I have no idea if its a different memory sphere to the 3 that come with the headquarters set. If it is, it will annoy me as I want them all but I don’t want 3 of the same Joy figure!

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