Tomy "Inside Out" Figures – Sadness, Disgust, Fear & Anger

So here are the rest of the emotion figures from Tomy that match in with the Joy & Console set I posted about yesterday, and the Headquarters playset that I’ll be sharing soon.

Their boxes are all the same concept, with images of each corresponding character on the front and back, as well as details on the back about the other toys available in the range.

Sadness is probably my personal favourite as I just think they have captured her character really well again and she is great to photograph from multiple angles. Her arms move and in theory she can hold a memory sphere but I did have to support it with blu tac. I tried to show her “glowing” in front of the console but she doesn’t glow as well as the others. Her plastic is too thick and dark so it doesn’t shine through as well as the others. It does look better in the dark though.
Disgust is my least favourite of these figures. She doesn’t stand well (it took me ages to get that photo of her standing and I have several outtakes where she fell as I clicked the shutter!) and I couldn’t get her to hold a memory sphere. I know Joy can’t either but at least Joy glows really well. Disgust glows a lot better in real dark, but still not great in comparison to lighthouse Joy!
Fear is a pretty neat figure. His arms and legs can move (though the legs not much, just so you can make him stand a bit better) and he could hold his memory sphere easily. He also glows quite nicely in front of the console. The eyes are painted a bit wonky on mine but I think it adds to his character 🙂
Anger is probably the most interesting in terms of his options because you can remove the flame piece from the top of his head which is quite cool. You wouldn’t want to then photograph him from above though as he has a huge hole in his head haha! His arms twist, he can hold his memory sphere really well and he glows pretty will by the console too.
I don’t think I showed it yesterday but here is a picture of the Console glowing too. Again, its obviously more noticeable in the dark. I will do a little video on Instagram later to show all the figures and the console in the dark.
And finally, here’s a little photo of the emotions gang all together. I had to blu tac Joy and Disgust into position (plus Anger is supporting Disgust with a sly hand on the rear hehe!).

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