Tomy "Inside Out" Headquarters Playset

Today I will share with you the Inside Out Headquarters playset from Tomy. Each of the emotions figures I have shown you over the past 2 days, as well as the Joy & Console set, work with it.

The box is pretty large and shows a picture of a girl playing with the playset on the front and a plastic box window in the top right so you can see the Joy figure and the memory spheres that come with it. One one side of the box it shows you what items are inside; and on the back it has a picture of the set again, also showing the other emotions figures available and how the console works with the set etc.

The pieces come in plastic bags ready to be assembled together. The pieces all just slot together. On the memory sphere wall, you can put the memory sphere’s at the top and they roll down like marble run. The detail is fairly basic but good enough for what is meant to be a play toy, and even if using it for toy photography purposes, it works fine in the background for setting the scene etc.
The Joy figure that comes with the set is different to the one that comes with the console. Her facial expression is different, plus she has glitter specks in her; and also her arm and leg positioning is different. She is just as useless at standing as console Joy but is a great glower like her 😉
The console can attach to the set by removing the piece that holds the memory sphere, and replacing it with the one that comes with the Headqaurters.The whole thing then attaches to the purple base so that you can “project” the images in the memory spheres onto the big white screen at the back. Do not get excited by this feature. I was doing it in gloomy daylight so it may be better in the dark (though even then I don’t think they will project as spectacularly as it implies on the box), but I tried to take a picture of one of the ones that showed up best which was Disgust’s memory sphere which shows baby Riley and the dreaded broccoli!
As a set, I really love it and I think I’ll have fun using it for my toy photography in the future. It would be nice if the image projection worked a little better, and I will try it in the dark to see if thats any better; but if it doesn’t, I’ll get over it. The thing I am curious about now is if the individual Joy figure is different again to the two I now already have. I’m off to investigate…

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