Toy Story 3 – Disney Store Trixie Action Figure

One of my newest arrivals, and one that I am particularly pleased to add to my collection; is this awesome Trixie action figure from Toy Story 3. I already have a couple of different Trixie toys in my collection such as a Trixie buddy figure, the Toy Story That Time Forgot action figure, and some static small plastic figures; but I’ve been looking for a larger Trixie action figure at a reasonable price for quite some time. I was lucky enough to win this one on an Ebay auction.

I am unsure as to whether she is the Trixie that you had to build yourself after collecting the parts from the Hawaiian vacation figures; or if she is the Trixie figure that came with one of the RC build parts in. Whichever she is though, I love her.
She has clearly been played with as she has quite a few rubs to her paint work on her claws and stuff, but to be honest, I generally prefer toys that have been played with a bit as I like to “play” with them myself taking photos etc.
Trixie’s legs move, her tail and head can twist from side to side and her mouth opens. Her colouring and scale detail is pretty good too. All in all, she is a very welcome addition to my collection 🙂

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