Monsters, Inc. – Tsum Tsum’s

On Tuesday just gone, it was Tsum Tsum Tuesday at the Disney Store (the first Tuesday of every month they release a new set) and this month the characters were from Monsters, Inc. so of course I had to get them! I set my alarm and managed to order them super fast online as I don’t have a Disney Store anywhere near where I live 😦

The characters available in the set are Boo, Mike, Sulley, Roz, Fungus, and Randall. They have sold out on Disney Store UK but you may get lucky and find a few in stores. I’m not sure when they will release the Posh Paws ones in Clinton Cards here in the UK; I heard rumors of September time perhaps.

Anway, my set arrived today and they are all so cute! I think Sulley is my favourite as I love his little tail ❤ In the US, you could also get Celia and another version of Boo in her monster costume as online exclusives so I’m pretty upset that they didn’t do those here because I would love to have them, especially monster Boo as she is just so cute. But never mind! I’m not paying Ebay prices for them and then import on top so my little set here will have to suffice!

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