Finding Dory Busy Book

I picked this Finding Dory Busy Book up a few weeks ago now as they had it in a discount store for a really great price in comparison to the prices in most other stores.

For those that don’t know, Busy Books are story books that come with a play mat and a set of plastic figures in the back. They have done loads, including most of the more recent Pixar films, and loads of other Disney films.

I wasn’t able to take a photo of the play mat as it was too big and I couldn’t get up high enough with the camera to fit it in but you can see on the back of the book what it looks like.

The front part of the book is the actual book part and rather than tell a whole story of the film, it usually tells you some little rhyme or something about one of the characters. I haven’t actually read it yet because the film is not released here until Friday and whilst I know what the characters are called etc., I know nothing of the story and wan’t to keep it that way! All I have seen is the trailer and the clip of Baby Dory, the rest I want to be a surprise and enjoy it as it happens haha! So anyway, you can see a couple of the pages which gives you an idea what the rest are like, and then at the back are compartments with the play mat and figures in.
The figures it comes with are Fluke, Rudder, Gerald, Sea Otter, Hank, Destiny, Bailey, Dory, Charlie, Jenny, Marlin and Nemo. They are all fairly decent figures, not the greatest detailing or paint work in the world but not bad. As I haven’t seen the film, I can’t really comment as to whether I think there are any characters that I would have liked to have seen in the set that aren’t, but for the price (I paid £2.99), you get a good bunch of figures for your money 🙂

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