Disney Store Finding Dory Talking Dory Soft Toy

It’s today!!! Finding Dory is in UK cinemas today and I can’t wait to go and see it later tonight!! And in honor of this great day, I thought the best thing to show you today would be this gorgeous talking Dory soft toy from the Disney Store 🙂

I’m afraid I can’t show you any packaging as I picked her up second hand online (for a great price I might add!) but I can show you her, including a video to show you some of the things she says.

Dory is super soft and smooth, really lovely to touch. She moves when she talks so you can feel some of the mechanisms inside her on her fins and mouth but her softness everywhere else makes up for it. The yellow material they used on her is also really nice and shimmery. Dory also comes complete with her transfer tag which is made of plastic; and it is near her tagged fin that you press her to get her to talk.

She says a few different phrases from the film and as mentioned before, her fins and mouth move when she does it which is pretty cool. In theory she speaks 7 different phrases and I have heard her say them all, but I couldn’t get her to do all of them for the video, she kept repeating some of them. I would say that is the only annoying thing about her. Unlike most talking toys where the phrases are on a loop, she seems to say hers randomly which is annoying because she often repeats one or two over and over again before she’ll say one of the others. Aside from this though, she is a really great toy and I would happily have paid full price for her if I hadn’t been lucky enough to find her cheaper second hand 🙂
Now go and enjoy seeing the film today or over the next few days!! I absolutely cannot wait!!!!

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