Finding Dory – Baby Dory Plush & Tsum Tsum

So I finally saw Finding Dory last night and it was just wonderful ❤ Absolutely loved it and desperate to see it again!! Myself and my mum were the only two people in the whole theatre who stayed until the very end of the credits too and I’m so glad we did 😀

Anyway, I thought I’d carry on with the Finding Dory posts today and take the time to honor just how adorable baby Dory is by showing you this Disney Store Baby Dory Plush and Japan Disney Store Baby Dory Mini Tsum Tsum.

I believe you can buy the Baby Dory plush in Disney stores worldwide. I know its certainly available in the US and here in the UK. She is so, so soft and snuggly! With some other Dory plush toys I have seen, including the talking Dory I posted about yesterday, they have used a different shimmery material for the yellow parts on Dory’s fin and tail but Baby Dory is soft all over. The one thing I’m not crazy about is the blue spots on either side of her, because they are just like stickers and are exactly the sort of thing that comes off really easily. Mine should be ok as she will be mostly displayed but I wouldn’t have thought they will last long with children.
The mini Baby Dory Tsum Tsum is an exclusive to the Japan Disney Store I believe, but I was lucky enough to get one via someone who does pick-ups for people. Again, she is nice and soft (though not as soft as the plush) and is the cutest little thing and a great addition to any Finding Dory Mini Tsum Tsum set 🙂

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