Sanjay’s Super Team – Disney Store Medium Sanjay Plush

Whilst I still have Finding Dory stuff to share at some point, I thought I’d go with something else today.

I managed to pick up this adorable medium plush of Sanjay from the theatrical short, Sanjay’s Super Team, in the Disney Store sale. They did a small one as well but I missed out on ordering it so when I saw this one in the sale for less than the small one would have been, I had to snap him up!
Like most their (Disney Store’s) plush toys, Sanjay is really soft and snuggly. He has quite a large nose and is quite cartoony looking but still cute and you can definitely tell its him. He comes wearing his pyjamas from the film (non-removable) and even comes with a little plush doll of his beloved super hero. Even his paper tag is really cool and pretty ❤
I am really pleased to have him in my collection and I hope his release means they will do more products from their shorts in future (desperately hoping they will make a Piper!).

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