Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – Inside Out – Sadness

I’m hoping to get a bit more organised soon and start showing you older pieces from my collection again, but I’ve had quite a few cool things arrive lately that I want to share too as I’ve photographed them as they’ve arrived.

Another item I ordered in the recent Disney Store sale was this Funko Pop Vinyl Figure of Sadness from Inside Out.
Her box is pretty typical of all the Funko Pop figure boxes, with cartoon illustrations of the figure on the front, sides, top and back. You can also see the other figures that are available from the Inside Out series on the back. One day in an ideal world I’d get them all, but Bing Bong at least is definitely on my list.
I love the pose they have Sadness in, with her clutching her hands together. It really captures her character well. They got the shape of her hair really well too. The glasses are a little bent on mine which you can see when you view her from the side, but its not too much of an issue. She is another much welcome addition to my collection šŸ™‚

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