A Bug’s Life – Disney Store Heimlich Plush

I haven’t shared any of my A Bug’s Life stuff yet but to be honest, I don’t have a huge amount of toys or memorabilia from that particular film. I wasn’t a huge fan of the toy figures and playsets; and also, whilst I love the film, I do have a slight issue with it in that I have a huge phobia of butterflies XD So I have to skip some parts when I watch it and therefore I am picky about what bits of merchandise I will have in my collection haha!

However, today I picked up this gorgeous Heimlich plush at a car boot sale for 50p so I thought I’d share him with you. Heimlich is probably my favourite character from the film (until he turns into a butterfly that is!) so I was really happy to find this. I have a beanie toy of him already but this plush is much nicer. According to the tag it was from the Disney Store originally. It doesn;t say what year but I’m assuming it would have been around the time the film came out in 1998. He is in immaculate condition! Really soft and lovely vibrant colours 🙂 I really love how Disney Store used to write the name of the character on the fabric labels too. They don’t tend to do it anymore which is a shame as I thought it was a nice touch.

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