The Incredibles – Disney Store "Mr Incredible" Talking Plush

I haven’t shared any of my The Incredibles stuff yet so thought I’d share one of my most recent pieces which I found at a car boot sale a few weeks ago.

He is from the Disney Store originally and has the stamp on the back of one of his thighs. I’m not sure when he would have been released. I don’t think it would have been when the film first came out as I’m not entirely sure they were doing the stamps back then, I think they are a more recent thing. Whenever it was though, he is pretty awesome.
He is quite big and nice and soft. The red is really bright and I think they captured his face pretty well. He is in excellent condition for a secondhand toy.
He talks by pressing one of his hands and says the following phrases:
  • “Have no fear, Mr Incredible is here”
  • “This looks like a job for Mr Incredible”
  • “Someone’s in trouble, lets go!”
  • “Oh yeah baby! Back in action”
  • “Its showtime!”

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