The Incredibles – Disney Store "Syndrome" Talking Plush

Yesterday I posted about my fabulous Mr Incredible talking plush that I found at the car boot sale a few weeks ago. Well, I also got this talking Syndrome plush at the same time!

Like Mr Incredible, he is from the Disney Store originally and does have a Disney stamp on his cape. He also still has his paper tag but its a bit battered.

As is typical with Disney Store plush, he is really lovely and soft and his cape is nice and shiny. His face is pretty authentic too and they captured the shape of his hair really well also.

I wasn’t convinced by the voice on the Mr Incredible plush but Syndrome sounds much more authentic. He talks by pressing a button in one of his hands and says the following phrases:

  • “Who’s super now?”
  • “Wait ’til those super’s meet my newest invention, hahahahaha!”
  • “My name is not Buddy! I’m Syndrome!”
  • “I’ll never give up”
  • “Yeah, yeah. Quite down!”
  • “I’m thinking of a genius plan”

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