Clintons "Inside Out" Sadness Pencil Case

I picked this pencil case up recently in the sale at Clintons (Clinton Cards) here in the UK. It was made by AG Retails Cards Limited, for exclusive sale in Clintons stores. They did a great range of Inside Out merch but this was the only piece I was able to pick up unfortunately (though you can still get some things in the sale online on their website). It originally retailed for £4 which I think was already a good price, but I got mine for under £2.

It is a round barrel shaped case that opens and closes with a zipper. On the sides it has a cute drawing of Sadness with the phrase “One of those Days” in writing, and the Inside Out logo on the bottom left. On each end of the case is the Inside Out logo again. On the zipper pull, is a cute little puffy charm of Sadness’s head. Its a really good size case and I could fit a lot inside it so if you can get your hands on one, especially in the sale, I’d really recommend it 🙂

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