Bristol Primark Visit & Haul

I visited the Primark store in Bristol today and snapped a few pics of some of the Disney items I saw in store so I thought I’d share them with you along with some pics of the things I picked up today.

I didn’t take a picture of every Disney item they had as there was seriously SO much of it. The Bristol store is really big, one of their flagship stores; and their Disney stock is always pretty good. My only complaint today was that they had hardly any of the PJ sets in (the ones in bundles, they had loads of the separates).

They had loads of different Disney/Mickey t-shirts and sweatshirts in today (as well as matching jogging pants or leggings for some of the designs). I loved the Cinerella t-shirt and the Mickey baseball t-shirt but they sadly didn’t have my size; and the Peter Pan t-shirt is gorgeous too but I never wear white tops so didn’t bother with that one. My favourite sweatshirt was the Lion King one and I did buy that (they had matching jogging bottoms but I didn’t get those); and I also loved the Minnie one but again, they sadly didn’t have my size in that.



There were quite a few cute things in the Home section that I didn’t buy, including the Cinderella heart plaques which were reduced to £1, and loads of new drinking bottles/cups including the cute Jungle Book ones. I was looking for the Finding Dory one but they didn’t have it in 😦 There were loads of purses and bags in the Accessories department including the glitter Mickey ears bag; the new Beauty & the Beast canvas book bag, the Aladdin book bag, Mickey purses etc. I didn’t take pictures of them as I’ve seen quite a few pics of them floating around. They had none of the Fairytale book bags left though. However, they did have a cute Minnie hairbrush (there were matching combs too); and some Mickey and Minnie watches that were pretty adorable (they had the Bambi watch also).


The items that I bought today included these three sweatshirts below which I am pretty pleased with. The Lion King one is my favourite but they are all really cute and I can’t wait to start wearing them. The Mickey 1928 one is a kind of military green colour and the black Mickey one has sequins on but you can’t tell properly in the photos. Its much prettier in real life 🙂


I also got these Monsters Inc cosy socks which I am really pleased with as they match the fleece pyjama set I already have 🙂 They did a pair of slipper type things in the same design a while ago but they sold out before I could get some so I was really happy to find these!
It took me a long time to choose but I also got this beautiful Aladdin coin purse. There were some lovely Mickey ones there too which is why I took so long to decide; but I went for this one in the end as it really is so pretty and not only does it have a nice picture from the movie on one side; it’s shiny/shimmery on the other side and I love shiny things XD
Finally, I was thrilled to find the L.E.D Mickey light (no Minnie’s left), and these glittery Mickey tree decorations which were reduced to £2 that I will put away to go on my tree next year 🙂 If you can get to the Bristol Primark store, I really do suggest a visit as its Disney range is usually pretty extensive and as I say; there was lots more there that I haven’t pictured here. For those of you that are Harry Potter fans also, their Harry Potter range is usually pretty great too 😉

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