CarBooty! – 28th May 2017

Many of you will have seen on Instagram that I got a pretty good haul at the carboot sale yesterday, my best in a while, so thought I’d write a quick post to tell you more about the items. I wanted to take better pictures of it all for this post but I haven’t had the time so you’ll have to make do with my Instagram ones but I’ll definitely be sharing some of the items in more detail on my blog soon so look out for that 😉

First off, these are all the plush toys that I picked up! I am meant to be trying not to get too many more large plush at the moment due to space issues but I have been a little obsessed with Bear in the Big Blue House lately so when I saw Bear, Ojo, Tutter and Treelo I just couldn’t resist! Their noses have all rubbed off but otherwise they are in pretty good condition and for £4 for the lot, I couldn’t turn it down XD I already have another version of Tutter and a tiny Bear but I’m thrilled to have found these. Ideally I will replace them all with smaller versions in the future to save on space but the big ones will do for now!

The Mater plush was one of my other favourite finds because although I do see Cars plush fairly often, people always ask really high prices for them for some reason so I’ve never got one; but I found Mater just as a lady was putting him out on her stall so I thought I’d ask the price and he was only 50p!! So lucky!! He is the stamped Disney Store version too! Boo was another lucky find, burried under a pile of other non-character plush and she even talks! She was £1 and I am thrilled with her because I have a few versions of Boo but not this one so really happy to add her to my collection. Eeyore was also £1 and I just couldn’t resist him as he is one of my favourite Winnie the Pooh characters (I actually collect the Tsums of him) and he has the sweetest little face ❤ He is from Disneyland Paris. Finally, the Nemo plush I also couldn’t turn down because he was only 50p and he is brand new with tags. He is technically one produced for vending machines and claw machines etc but still licensed and actually really well made for a claw machine toy.

The next great find I made was the complete set of these Disney graphic novel books. I have a couple of them already but the lady offered me the whole set for £4! Some of them still even have the sticker sheets that came with them still inside. I will definitely be making a post about these books later in the week so I’ll share more about them with you then ❤

My best find yesterday though definitely would have to be these beautiful snow globes! I do see them at carboot sales from time to time but they are usually broken or the globe is really cloudy and people ask too much for them considering their condition. So when I saw these, I almost didn’t even bother to ask how much they were as I thought they’d be too expensive for me. I therefore couldn’t believe it when I did ask and the woman said they were either £3 each or I could have the lot for £10! However, when I looked at them I noticed the Snow White one is damaged (the squirrels head is missing) so I said I wouldn’t want that one; and then the lady said that in that case, I could have the ones I wanted for £8 and Snow White for free! Of course, I said yes! They are all a little dusty but I will clean them up and share them properly with you soon. The Belle figure was from another stall and much prettier in real life. I’m not sure what she is made from but she’s not a normal plastic figure. She is meant to be decorative I think because she has black pads on the bottom of her for protecting when she is standing like an ornament etc. It says she is from Disneyland Paris on the bottom.

So that completes my finds for this week! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them! I am actually away next week but we have found a carboot sale near the place we are staying that we will hopefully be able to go to so fingers crossed for some more great finds then 🙂 If you like hunting for Disney stuff at carboot sales too, make sure you tag me in your photos on Instagram so I can see what you found ❤

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