The Sims 4 Disney Finds – Anna & Elsa

I love playing The Sims 4 (I’m a die hard Sims fan, been playing since the very beginning!) and I love custom content in my game; and as I have quite a lot of Disney themed stuff in my game, I thought I’d start doing some posts about where I got them from so you can get them too 🙂

I’ll start off with a quick post for you as someone on my Insta is particularly eager to find out about these particular items, but I’ll share more items in future posts ❤

Two Sims that I am currently playing are the lovely Anna and Elsa from Frozen! Here are some screenshots of them in my own game below:

Anna & Elsa Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa Anna & Elsa

Anna & Elsa Anna & Elsa

I downloaded Elsa as a complete Sim here at Mod the Sims, however, to get her to work in your game you will need to download some extra items too. Those items are detailed on her download page at MTS, but basically you will also need this skin, this blush, this dress, and this dress.

Anna’s dress was from here at The Sims Resource (made by the same person as Elsa’s dress). I couldn’t find a ready done Sim of Anna to download so I made her myself in my game by loading Elsa in create-a-sim first and then going to the option to add a new sim with the genetics option and choosing to create her sister and that’s what it gave me! Well, facially anyway, I had to change her hair to something more suitable 😉 Her hair is a Maxis made hair but its from one of the expansion packs, though I can’t remember which one, sorry 😦

So there you have it! Anna and Elsa from Frozen to play as in The Sims 4. Hope you have as much fun with them as I am having!

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