10 Awesome Advent Calendars (2017)

One thing I LOVE about Christmas is a good novelty advent calendar. By novelty, I don’t mean just an average chocolate filled calendar with a character on the front, but calendar’s with perhaps toys, stationery, or other exciting things behind each door. I usually end up with more than one of these kinds of calendar’s each year because there are always so many awesome ones to choose from that I can never pick just one! So this year, I decided to share 10 cool looking calendars that I have found during my extensive browsing online 😀

  1. Tsum Tsum Vinyl Advent Calendar

This is the only one I have actually already bought this year, having grabbed it a few weeks ago when it came in stock again online as I was so gutted that I had missed it last year. According to the product description, it comes with 18 Tsum Tsum figures (6 large, 6 medium and 6 small), 6 holiday accessories and 6 seasonal headpieces (for the Tsum Tsums).  The only place I have found it for sale in the UK is online at Asda. Its usually £35 which is a little pricey but when you work out the cost of the figures normally, it’s not too bad. However, it is currently on offer for £30. The thing I am most pleased about is it features some Pixar characters alongside some of the traditional Disney characters. If Disney/Pixar characters aren’t you’re thing, they do a Marvel version too (on offer for £32 currently) which also looks pretty awesome!

2. Disney/Pixar Cars 3 Advent Calendar

This is one of the cheaper calendars I am featuring and one that is high up on my list of possible ones to get because as you all know, my first love is anything Pixar, and this is a Cars 3 calendar! Its available from Asda for £17.97 and appears to include 5 mini die-cast Cars racers, and various neat accessories including traffic cones, a petrol can and some flags. The only thing putting me off is that some of the accessories are pretty repetitive so it looks like there will be quite a few days where you’ll be opening doors and just getting traffic cones so I may wait it out and see if it gets reduced closer to Christmas.

3. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Calendar

Another awesome offering from Asda, this is a calendar I am definitely going to be ordering over the weekend and its for the new Frozen short film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. There are 25 items behind the doors including various little figures of Olaf, as well as a cute little cat and various accessories such as a Christmas tree, sleigh, wreath and more. It’s £23 but the figures inside really do look cute and its one that’s actually nice and festive for the season.

4. Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

Once again, Lego have released a pretty awesome looking Star Wars advent calendar and this is this year’s offering. I personally don’t think this one looks quite as cool as last years but I’m sure any Lego/Star Wars super fan would love it; and it does seem to be quite good value as it does come with 7 actual mini-figures inside as well as various cool accessories and mini vehicles to build. I doubt I will get this one but that’s only because my nephew has got it, so I will just enjoy looking at his instead. The Lego advent calendars are usually available from most toy retailers and supermarket’s so it should be fairly easy to find.

5. Moomin Christmas Calendar by Martinex

This is another one that is high up on my list of calendar’s to get. I have always been a huge fan of Moomin’s (both the books and the cartoon when I was a child) and I saw pictures online of last year’s Moomin calendar and had major Advent Calendar envy so this one may need to come home this year. It is quite pricey at £32.90 but it does look seriously adorable. They don’t show any of the contents on the product listing on the Official Moomin Shop, but if its anything like last year’s, it comes with various cute little figures of some of the characters from the books. The real appeal of this year’s version too, is that the back folds out into a little three storey play scene of the Moomin house!

6. Tinc Stationery Advent Calendar

The first on my list that isn’t toy figures (and only actually, what an honor!), but still looks totally adorable! I had actually never heard of Tinc Stationery until this year but their products look really cute. It comes with 24 treats inside which include various items like erasers, washi tape, pens and more; so not only cute, but useful too! Its on their website for £28.00 but it does look good value for what you get inside and the quality of their products looks great too. I have also heard reports that it is much better than the Smiggle version 😉

7. Finding Dory Advent Calendar by Bullyland

This calendar was actually released last year but its still available to buy on Amazon. I actually have it, but I bought it in the middle of this year and spent a month opening it up in the summer; but I had to add it on my list to let you all know about it because I thought it was a great little calendar for the price. It comes with 12 Bullyland figures inside (6 actual Finding Dory characters and 6 general sea creatures) which are all lovely quality; as well as various other things such as some marbles, little decorations (thick paper, but cute) to make, gift tags to use for wrapping presents, and more. Its currently priced at £16.32 but do keep an eye on it as it often seems to reduce in price at times.

8. Playmobil Pirate Advent Calendar

I loved Playmobil and have lusted after one of their calendars for years; however, I have been fairly disappointed with the themes of them in recent years as they used to do proper Christmassy themed ones but more recently they have been doing things like Unicorn gardens and police etc. The one I am featuring here is not Christmassy in any way but the theme is pretty cool despite that as its pirate’s and I love pirate themed stuff 😀 It comes with two Playmobil figures (one of which apparently glows which is pretty cool!) as well as various accessories such as a treasure chest, canon, row boat, fire, pirate treasure and more. My favourite little items they show in the set though are the little rats and the seagull! However, I’m not sure I can justify spending £19.99 just to get the seagull figure 😀 It’s available from various places but the best price I have found is on Amazon.

9. Disney Store Micro Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar

I nearly didn’t put this one and the next one on the list, as technically they are both sold out online (search for item 412345702585 on their website). However, I have added them on at the end because you might get lucky and find one still available in one of their stores; or if you keep checking on their website, they do sometimes come back in stock randomly if people have returned them etc. The first is the Micro Tsum Tsum advent calendar. Last year’s Tsum Tsum advent calendar from Disney Store sold out within minutes. This year’s stayed in stock a little longer, but it is different to last year’s because it is Micro sized Tsum Tsum’s rather than the normal mini size; and they don’t seem to be as popular. However, it does mean that its cheaper than last year’s calendar (but still pricey at a whopping £59.99, making it the most expensive calendar on my list). It features 25 micro sized Tsum Tsums of some classic Disney characters (no Pixar) with a Christmas theme. I didn’t get it this year as I am not a huge fan of the micro’s, but I have seen some of the Tsum Tsum’s from inside it and they are very adorable. I really hope they release one next year that has some Pixar characters in it though!

10. Disney Store Animator’s Collection Advent Calendar

As above, this one has technically sold out online but I have popped it on the list just in case you are lucky enough to find one still in store or to grab one online (item no. 460025602595) if they randomly get some more in stock from returns etc. It features little figures of some of the Disney princesses from their Animator range (basically the princesses as adorable toddlers), and accessories such as items of furniture or figures of their animal sidekicks, to use with them. The front also folds down to create a little play scene for them too. Its a bit kinder on the wallet too than the Tsum Tsum one, at £24.99.

One thought on “10 Awesome Advent Calendars (2017)

  1. calendars4kids November 15, 2017 / 6:53 am

    I love the Frozen one! Great round up with some calendars I haven’t seen anywhere else. 😊


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