Review: Oh You Pretty Things “Pixar” Surprise Box

Now if anyone knows me, they know that I really like surprise boxes and subscription boxes. Sadly at the moment I don’t get any regular subscription boxes because to be honest, there aren’t any around at the moment that cover my interests enough; but luckily I am still able to get my surprise box “fix” from one of my favourite small businesses around, Oh You Pretty Things, which is run by the fabulous Lauren (aka Queenkewpiex on Instagram). As well as surprise boxes, Lauren also offers prints and mugs of her own artwork; plus she sources some amazing vintage/retro Disney (and other items) such as badges, mirrors and more. She doesn’t just do Disney either; other recent boxes she has done include Anastasia, Thumbelina, The Simpsons, Trolls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and much more! I also happen to know she is working on a new box that I am SUPER excited about and will definitely be getting when they are available πŸ˜‰

So anyway, lets get back to my order! As well as ordering my surprise box, I also ordered a couple of vintage badges from Lauren of Genie and Chip which you can see below; and Lauren even kindly included that amazing Sorcerer Mickey keyring, as well as a cute card and some princess stickers ❀

Now onto my surprise box! Firstly, everything comes BEAUTIFULLY packaged and I stupidly didn’t take pictures of that because I was just so eager to open it all up! But anyway, below is a quick picture of everything I got inside.

I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture of the Toy Story trading cards (another of my favourite things!) as I have already put them in my folder, but they were super awesome. In terms of handmade items by Lauren, she included the amazing Edna Mode quote print, the beautiful Reach for the Sky necklace, and the To Infinity and Beyond banner. I need to mention here how incredibly sweet Lauren was with regards to the necklace. She knows that I can only use one hand/arm so she was so super sweet and ordered some special magnetic fastenings for the necklace to make it easier for me, and even included some extra ones in the box that I can use on some of my other necklaces. Such a kind thought, I was so touched ❀ I need to get a frame for my print but the banner is already hung on my bed and I adore it!

Also inside my box was the amazing Anger plush, and a figure of Merida which I was super excited about as she is from a set they did in Disney Store of all the princesses but the only one I wanted was Merida so I didn’t buy it, so I am thrilled to have her now πŸ™‚ I also got the amazing Bing Bong Little Golden Book which has actually been on my Amazon wishlist for months and the illustrations are just adorable; plus the iron on Woody patch which again, I’ve been meaning to order one for a while to customize some clothes so really happy with that. Finally, I also got the beautiful pin of Carl and Ellie from Up which I am just over the moon with as I adore them and its such a beautiful pin ❀ Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my Pixar surprise box and will definitely be ordering again from Lauren in the future!



Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum’s

Last week the Disney Store in the UK (and the US) released a set of Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum’s which of course I had to get πŸ˜› I ordered online though so I only reveived them yesterday.

I did not order the whole set as I already had some of the characters from the set released in the Japan Disney Store a few months ago (Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, Prince Phillip and Pink Dress Aurora); so the ones I ordered from the UK/US set were Blue Dress Aurora, Diablo, Goon, Samson, Owl, Rabbit and King Stefan. I was a little peeved that Briar Rose was only in the box set with the fairies as I already had them and didn’t want to pay to get the box just for her and end up with three extra fairies, but I’ll get over it! I also have Maleficent in her dragon form that I got from the UK/US Disney Store villains set that was released last year so she goes nicely with the others.

I kind of wish I had ordered the Pink Dress Aurora from the UK/US release so that I had a matching pink and blue pair; because as you can see in the pictures below, the Japan Blue Dress Aurora is quite different. Their crowns/tiaras are pretty much the same but their hair and dresses are different.

I love the detailing on Samson and King Stefan’s little beard/mustache is so cute! I think my favorites are the owlΒ because he is just adorable, and Goon because he has such a funny face ❀ The eyes on my Rabbit are a little wonky but he’s still cute; and although Prince Phillip is pretty boring from the front, I love the detail of the embroidered sword that you can find if you lift his cape. All in all, I’m pleased to have a set of Tsum Tsums from this movie as it is one of my faves and they are all pretty damn cute!

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum's

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum's - Fairies

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum's - Aurora

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum's - Aurora

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum's - Aurora

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Samson

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Samson

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Goon

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - King Stefan

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - King Stefan

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Prince Phillip

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Prince Phillip

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Diablo

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Maleficent Dragon

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Owl

Sleeping Beauty Tsum Tsum - Rabbit

Applause "Dim" Plush (A Bug’s Life)

I recieved a few Disney/Pixar related items for Christmas but one of the most special items was this gorgeous Dim plush that I recieved from one of my best friends, Emma. Its particularly special because he was Emma’s very own plush that she bought when the film originally came out but she has gifted him to me and I am so grateful and thrilled πŸ’–

He was made by Applause and still has both his plastic Applause tag, and his paper tag and is in beautiful condition! Emma really cared for him and now I will too πŸ˜™ Thank you so much, Emma, for giving him to me πŸ’—


Bandai "Finding Dory" Talking Plush "Bailey"

I got this small plush recently from an online toy store here in the UK. I was ordering some other bits and happened to see this little guy for a fairly cheap price and decided to pop him in my basket too as I love Bailey and hadn’t really seen any other talking Bailey toys elsewhere.

He is made by Bandai and is quite small, similar in size to the little Finding Dory plush from Posh Paws that I wrote about previously here.

I have to say, his face is a but suspect lol! The head shape is good but the way they have done it, it looks like he has a big gummy grin or something at the bit which is meant to be his forehead crease. So it looks like his “mouth” is level with his eyes but actually, it should be lower. But apart from that, he’s still pretty cute. He is nice and soft and his voice sounds really good. Despite being small, his batteries can be changed which is nice. To get him to talk, you just squeeze him. He says about 4 things (maybe more), including “My Life’s a Rainbow!”. Check the video below to see what he says:

The Incredibles – Disney Store "Syndrome" Talking Plush

Yesterday I posted about my fabulous Mr Incredible talking plush that I found at the car boot sale a few weeks ago. Well, I also got this talking Syndrome plush at the same time!

Like Mr Incredible, he is from the Disney Store originally and does have a Disney stamp on his cape. He also still has his paper tag but its a bit battered.

As is typical with Disney Store plush, he is really lovely and soft and his cape is nice and shiny. His face is pretty authentic too and they captured the shape of his hair really well also.

I wasn’t convinced by the voice on the Mr Incredible plush but Syndrome sounds much more authentic. He talks by pressing a button in one of his hands and says the following phrases:

  • “Who’s super now?”
  • “Wait ’til those super’s meet my newest invention, hahahahaha!”
  • “My name is not Buddy! I’m Syndrome!”
  • “I’ll never give up”
  • “Yeah, yeah. Quite down!”
  • “I’m thinking of a genius plan”

The Incredibles – Disney Store "Mr Incredible" Talking Plush

I haven’t shared any of my The Incredibles stuff yet so thought I’d share one of my most recent pieces which I found at a car boot sale a few weeks ago.

He is from the Disney Store originally and has the stamp on the back of one of his thighs. I’m not sure when he would have been released. I don’t think it would have been when the film first came out as I’m not entirely sure they were doing the stamps back then, I think they are a more recent thing. Whenever it was though, he is pretty awesome.
He is quite big and nice and soft. The red is really bright and I think they captured his face pretty well. He is in excellent condition for a secondhand toy.
He talks by pressing one of his hands and says the following phrases:
  • “Have no fear, Mr Incredible is here”
  • “This looks like a job for Mr Incredible”
  • “Someone’s in trouble, lets go!”
  • “Oh yeah baby! Back in action”
  • “Its showtime!”

Up – Disney Store "Kevin" Plush

I got this Kevin plush a couple of weeks ago now and wanted to share him with you as he is absolutely one of my new most favourite plush toys that I own. My sister-in-law actually got him at a car boot sale for Β£1 but she gave him to me πŸ™‚

He was originally from the Disney Store and would have been released at the same time as the movie in 2009. His neck and legs both have wire or something in them so you can pose and bend them, and as a result you can actually get him to stand on his own with a bit of balancing. He has obviously been well loved in his previous home as the stuffing on his neck has got a little displaced and as a result his head can be a bit floppy but I’ve managed to fix it a little bit. Anyway, I am absolutely thrilled with this new addition to my collection so I hope you’ll love him as much as I do ❀