Bandai "Finding Dory" Talking Plush "Bailey"

I got this small plush recently from an online toy store here in the UK. I was ordering some other bits and happened to see this little guy for a fairly cheap price and decided to pop him in my basket too as I love Bailey and hadn’t really seen any other talking Bailey toys elsewhere.

He is made by Bandai and is quite small, similar in size to the little Finding Dory plush from Posh Paws that I wrote about previously here.

I have to say, his face is a but suspect lol! The head shape is good but the way they have done it, it looks like he has a big gummy grin or something at the bit which is meant to be his forehead crease. So it looks like his “mouth” is level with his eyes but actually, it should be lower. But apart from that, he’s still pretty cute. He is nice and soft and his voice sounds really good. Despite being small, his batteries can be changed which is nice. To get him to talk, you just squeeze him. He says about 4 things (maybe more), including “My Life’s a Rainbow!”. Check the video below to see what he says: