Shop Review: Retro From Scratch (Custom Notebooks)

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a review with you today of a fantastic etsy shop called Retro From Scratch which re-purposes old books, including loads of Disney ones, into notebooks.

There are quite a few shops that do this but Retro From Scratch really caught my eye because of their range of options for inside your notebook. Most other shops I have seen just offer blank or lined pages for their books but RFS has a vast range of options such as wedding planners, diaries, recipe books, holiday planners and more, along side the regular plain and lined options. Also, the pages are all designed by Becky herself. You can also get other cute upgrades for your notebook too such as a glitter spine or a glitter book band.

I’d been meaning to order for a long time but I had to keep spending on other things but finally I was able to place an order a couple of weeks ago. As some of you know, I have a chronic autoimmune disease and as a result, I have been on high dose medical steroids for a long time which resulted in my putting on a lot of weight. I decided to try Slimming World again as I’d had success with it before I got ill, but to try and keep me a bit more motivated I decided to order one of my notebooks from Becky with the Slimming World food diary option. I really wanted a Ratatouille cover for my notebook as I thought it was the ideal choice but when I browsed through the shop, there weren’t any listed. I contacted Becky via her Instagram account to ask if she had any in stock and she was super lovely and looked through all her books and was able to find me a fabulous little Ratatouille guidebook to use. I also opted to have a glitter spine on it and told Becky to use which colour she thought would go best and the light blue she chose is perfect ❀

The other style of notebook I ordered was one with dotted pages to use as a bullet journal. The cover I chose was a beautiful Finding Dory book with an amazing metal 3D plate on the cover. Again, I chose a glitter spine upgrade too and Becky chose perfectly again with the darker blue.

The other cool thing about Becky’s notebooks is that she leaves some of the original pages from the books in and she really seems to have a knack for choosing the best pages to put it. I haven’t shown all the pages she left in in the photos below but I particularly love the contents page and the “Remy and Linguini’s Cooking Tips” sections that she left in my Ratatouille book. Perhaps the only negative, and its not really a negative, is that it made me want to get a copy of the actual book but luckily I was able to immediately go on eBay and find one nice and cheap πŸ˜€ In my Finding Dory book, its so beautiful when you open it and are greeted with the gorgeous coral reef artwork on the first pages ❀ Also, the books came beautifully packaged so it was a real joy and really exciting to sit and open them.

I really, really couldn’t recommend Retro From Scratch more. The books are absolutely beautifully made and Becky is so kind and helpful. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again in the future!

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks

Review: Retro From Scratch Custom Notebooks


Photo Background Papers

I am often asked on Instagram what I use for the backgrounds in some of my pictures and as I ordered some new ones this week, I thought I may as well do a post telling you about what I use and where you can find some πŸ™‚

Sometimes I use sheets of wrapping paper or wallpaper samples but most of the time, I use Disney themed scrapbooking papers. The size I use is pretty much the largest you can get in scrapbook papers which is 12×12 inches. They are a pretty good size for using for small plush, figures and Tsum Tsum’s etc. However, anything larger and thats when I tend to use the wrapping paper sheets or wallpaper samples.

The main website I use to order my Disney scrapbook papers is Scrapping the Magic. They have quite a large range and all reasonably priced and they ship nice and quickly too. The order I received today though came from a shop called Sunshine Scrapbooking. They don’t have quite as large a range but they had a few lovely ones that I hadn’t seen on Scrapping the Magic before so I gave them a try. Again, shipping was nice and fast and the papers are gorgeous. My absolute favourite is the “Its a Small World” one, its beautiful! I haven’t photographed them all fully but you can see previews of the ones I ordered in the pictures below.

Hopefully you guys will find the links useful πŸ™‚

Bandai "Finding Dory" Talking Plush "Bailey"

I got this small plush recently from an online toy store here in the UK. I was ordering some other bits and happened to see this little guy for a fairly cheap price and decided to pop him in my basket too as I love Bailey and hadn’t really seen any other talking Bailey toys elsewhere.

He is made by Bandai and is quite small, similar in size to the little Finding Dory plush from Posh Paws that I wrote about previously here.

I have to say, his face is a but suspect lol! The head shape is good but the way they have done it, it looks like he has a big gummy grin or something at the bit which is meant to be his forehead crease. So it looks like his “mouth” is level with his eyes but actually, it should be lower. But apart from that, he’s still pretty cute. He is nice and soft and his voice sounds really good. Despite being small, his batteries can be changed which is nice. To get him to talk, you just squeeze him. He says about 4 things (maybe more), including “My Life’s a Rainbow!”. Check the video below to see what he says:

Finding Dory – Baby Dory Plush & Tsum Tsum

So I finally saw Finding Dory last night and it was just wonderful ❀ Absolutely loved it and desperate to see it again!! Myself and my mum were the only two people in the whole theatre who stayed until the very end of the credits too and I’m so glad we did πŸ˜€

Anyway, I thought I’d carry on with the Finding Dory posts today and take the time to honor just how adorable baby Dory is by showing you this Disney Store Baby Dory Plush and Japan Disney Store Baby Dory Mini Tsum Tsum.

I believe you can buy the Baby Dory plush in Disney stores worldwide. I know its certainly available in the US and here in the UK. She is so, so soft and snuggly! With some other Dory plush toys I have seen, including the talking Dory I posted about yesterday, they have used a different shimmery material for the yellow parts on Dory’s fin and tail but Baby Dory is soft all over. The one thing I’m not crazy about is the blue spots on either side of her, because they are just like stickers and are exactly the sort of thing that comes off really easily. Mine should be ok as she will be mostly displayed but I wouldn’t have thought they will last long with children.
The mini Baby Dory Tsum Tsum is an exclusive to the Japan Disney Store I believe, but I was lucky enough to get one via someone who does pick-ups for people. Again, she is nice and soft (though not as soft as the plush) and is the cutest little thing and a great addition to any Finding Dory Mini Tsum Tsum set πŸ™‚

Disney Store Finding Dory Talking Dory Soft Toy

It’s today!!! Finding Dory is in UK cinemas today and I can’t wait to go and see it later tonight!! And in honor of this great day, I thought the best thing to show you today would be this gorgeous talking Dory soft toy from the Disney Store πŸ™‚

I’m afraid I can’t show you any packaging as I picked her up second hand online (for a great price I might add!) but I can show you her, including a video to show you some of the things she says.

Dory is super soft and smooth, really lovely to touch. She moves when she talks so you can feel some of the mechanisms inside her on her fins and mouth but her softness everywhere else makes up for it. The yellow material they used on her is also really nice and shimmery. Dory also comes complete with her transfer tag which is made of plastic; and it is near her tagged fin that you press her to get her to talk.

She says a few different phrases from the film and as mentioned before, her fins and mouth move when she does it which is pretty cool. In theory she speaks 7 different phrases and I have heard her say them all, but I couldn’t get her to do all of them for the video, she kept repeating some of them. I would say that is the only annoying thing about her. Unlike most talking toys where the phrases are on a loop, she seems to say hers randomly which is annoying because she often repeats one or two over and over again before she’ll say one of the others. Aside from this though, she is a really great toy and I would happily have paid full price for her if I hadn’t been lucky enough to find her cheaper second hand πŸ™‚
Now go and enjoy seeing the film today or over the next few days!! I absolutely cannot wait!!!!

Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – Finding Dory – Hank

Its tomorrow!! Finding Dory is released in UK cinemas tomorrow!!! I am just so excited to see it!

Despite the fact that I haven’t seen it yet and have avoided watching anything about it except the trailer so its all as much a surprise as possible; I can already tell that Hank is going to be one of my favourite characters so today I wanted to share my Funko Pop Vinyl Hank figure with you.

I am slowly building my collection of Pop Vinyl, tending only to buy them when they are on offer/sale but I knew I had to have Hank as soon as possible.

His box is pretty typical of all the Funko Pop boxes, with a cartoon illustration of the figure on the front, sides, top and back. The back also shows the Dory figure that is also available.

As with a few of the various Hank figures available, he is depicted with his coffee pot in tentacle. I like how they have made the coffee pot kind of clear so that it looks like it has water in it. The Funko Pop figures are always pretty cartoony but from what I have seen of Hank, they seem to have captured his facial look pretty well. His tentacle suckers are pretty cool too. I’m really pleased with him and would definitely recommend him as a good addition to any Pixar/Funk Pop collection πŸ™‚
And finally, here are some pictures of him in my new favourite prop I made which is the fish bowl πŸ™‚ Sorry that I keep using it for Finding Dory pictures but it just works so well XD

Disney Store Finding Dory Deluxe Figurine Playset

Continuing my Finding Dory posts today with a look at the Deluxe Figurine Playset from the Disney Store. It retails here in the UK for Β£22.95 but I had a discount code so I managed to get mine a little cheaper.

The set comes with nine figurines but some of the figures have more than one character on them, so in terms of characters, you get Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Charlie, Jenny, Fluke, Rudder, Gerald, Hank, Destiny & Bailey.

They were an absolute b***h to get out of the packaging haha! They were really tightly packed into the plastic casing. Some of them were attached with the wire too but not all of them which was a bit baffling as none of them would have come loose as they were so tight in the plastic casing anyway.
Hank is my favourite of the set as I just think he is the most detailed, but he is closely followed by Destiny and Bailey. I also really liked the wrinkles on each of the sea lions backs πŸ™‚ A shout out should go to Nemo too because he looked nice from all angles, whereas some of the others looked a bit suspect from side on etc.
I made mosaics to show you the figures from each side for all of them, except Destiny and Bailey who will have individual photos at the end because the software was for making them into square photos and it therefore cut off too much of the pictures of them and I don’t have the patience to fiddle around sorting it out today hehe! But anyway, hope you enjoy them.
I’d definitely recommend getting the set as all the figures are pretty great and detailed and you get a nice selection of the characters for your money. Now obviously you could get a Busy Book that I showed in a post yesterday which comes with figures of all of these characters plus Sea Otter, for a lot cheaper than this figure back; but these figures really are superior (and larger) so if you are looking to get one set of figures as a collector, I’d say these are the ones to get. Also, these deluxe figure packs from the Disney Store get really sought after so if you don’t get it now, you’ll probably be looking at paying triple the price on Ebay later on πŸ˜‰
Destiny & Bailey: