Review: Oh You Pretty Things “Pixar” Surprise Box

Now if anyone knows me, they know that I really like surprise boxes and subscription boxes. Sadly at the moment I don’t get any regular subscription boxes because to be honest, there aren’t any around at the moment that cover my interests enough; but luckily I am still able to get my surprise box “fix” from one of my favourite small businesses around, Oh You Pretty Things, which is run by the fabulous Lauren (aka Queenkewpiex on Instagram). As well as surprise boxes, Lauren also offers prints and mugs of her own artwork; plus she sources some amazing vintage/retro Disney (and other items) such as badges, mirrors and more. She doesn’t just do Disney either; other recent boxes she has done include Anastasia, Thumbelina, The Simpsons, Trolls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and much more! I also happen to know she is working on a new box that I am SUPER excited about and will definitely be getting when they are available πŸ˜‰

So anyway, lets get back to my order! As well as ordering my surprise box, I also ordered a couple of vintage badges from Lauren of Genie and Chip which you can see below; and Lauren even kindly included that amazing Sorcerer Mickey keyring, as well as a cute card and some princess stickers ❀

Now onto my surprise box! Firstly, everything comes BEAUTIFULLY packaged and I stupidly didn’t take pictures of that because I was just so eager to open it all up! But anyway, below is a quick picture of everything I got inside.

I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture of the Toy Story trading cards (another of my favourite things!) as I have already put them in my folder, but they were super awesome. In terms of handmade items by Lauren, she included the amazing Edna Mode quote print, the beautiful Reach for the Sky necklace, and the To Infinity and Beyond banner. I need to mention here how incredibly sweet Lauren was with regards to the necklace. She knows that I can only use one hand/arm so she was so super sweet and ordered some special magnetic fastenings for the necklace to make it easier for me, and even included some extra ones in the box that I can use on some of my other necklaces. Such a kind thought, I was so touched ❀ I need to get a frame for my print but the banner is already hung on my bed and I adore it!

Also inside my box was the amazing Anger plush, and a figure of Merida which I was super excited about as she is from a set they did in Disney Store of all the princesses but the only one I wanted was Merida so I didn’t buy it, so I am thrilled to have her now πŸ™‚ I also got the amazing Bing Bong Little Golden Book which has actually been on my Amazon wishlist for months and the illustrations are just adorable; plus the iron on Woody patch which again, I’ve been meaning to order one for a while to customize some clothes so really happy with that. Finally, I also got the beautiful pin of Carl and Ellie from Up which I am just over the moon with as I adore them and its such a beautiful pin ❀ Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my Pixar surprise box and will definitely be ordering again from Lauren in the future!



Disney Store "Inside Out" Figure Set

I missed out on getting this set of Inside Out figures from the Disney Store and really regretted it, but I was lucky enough to find them recently secondhand for only Β£6 including postage! Bargain! They have been played with so a couple of them have the odd scuff on them but I’m not worried about that.

The figures in the set are Bing Bong, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. They are all really lovely and detailed and the colours are nice and bright. They all have really great expressions, especially Fear πŸ˜„ Bing Bong is definitely my favourite from the set.

Clintons "Inside Out" Sadness Pencil Case

I picked this pencil case up recently in the sale at Clintons (Clinton Cards) here in the UK. It was made by AG Retails Cards Limited, for exclusive sale in Clintons stores. They did a great range of Inside Out merch but this was the only piece I was able to pick up unfortunately (though you can still get some things in the sale online on their website). It originally retailed for Β£4 which I think was already a good price, but I got mine for under Β£2.

It is a round barrel shaped case that opens and closes with a zipper. On the sides it has a cute drawing of Sadness with the phrase “One of those Days” in writing, and the Inside Out logo on the bottom left. On each end of the case is the Inside Out logo again. On the zipper pull, is a cute little puffy charm of Sadness’s head. Its a really good size case and I could fit a lot inside it so if you can get your hands on one, especially in the sale, I’d really recommend it πŸ™‚

Funko Pop Vinyl Figure – Inside Out – Sadness

I’m hoping to get a bit more organised soon and start showing you older pieces from my collection again, but I’ve had quite a few cool things arrive lately that I want to share too as I’ve photographed them as they’ve arrived.

Another item I ordered in the recent Disney Store sale was this Funko Pop Vinyl Figure of Sadness from Inside Out.
Her box is pretty typical of all the Funko Pop figure boxes, with cartoon illustrations of the figure on the front, sides, top and back. You can also see the other figures that are available from the Inside Out series on the back. One day in an ideal world I’d get them all, but Bing Bong at least is definitely on my list.
I love the pose they have Sadness in, with her clutching her hands together. It really captures her character well. They got the shape of her hair really well too. The glasses are a little bent on mine which you can see when you view her from the side, but its not too much of an issue. She is another much welcome addition to my collection πŸ™‚

Tomy "Inside Out" Headquarters Playset

Today I will share with you the Inside Out Headquarters playset from Tomy. Each of the emotions figures I have shown you over the past 2 days, as well as the Joy & Console set, work with it.

The box is pretty large and shows a picture of a girl playing with the playset on the front and a plastic box window in the top right so you can see the Joy figure and the memory spheres that come with it. One one side of the box it shows you what items are inside; and on the back it has a picture of the set again, also showing the other emotions figures available and how the console works with the set etc.

The pieces come in plastic bags ready to be assembled together. The pieces all just slot together. On the memory sphere wall, you can put the memory sphere’s at the top and they roll down like marble run. The detail is fairly basic but good enough for what is meant to be a play toy, and even if using it for toy photography purposes, it works fine in the background for setting the scene etc.
The Joy figure that comes with the set is different to the one that comes with the console. Her facial expression is different, plus she has glitter specks in her; and also her arm and leg positioning is different. She is just as useless at standing as console Joy but is a great glower like her πŸ˜‰
The console can attach to the set by removing the piece that holds the memory sphere, and replacing it with the one that comes with the Headqaurters.The whole thing then attaches to the purple base so that you can “project” the images in the memory spheres onto the big white screen at the back. Do not get excited by this feature. I was doing it in gloomy daylight so it may be better in the dark (though even then I don’t think they will project as spectacularly as it implies on the box), but I tried to take a picture of one of the ones that showed up best which was Disgust’s memory sphere which shows baby Riley and the dreaded broccoli!
As a set, I really love it and I think I’ll have fun using it for my toy photography in the future. It would be nice if the image projection worked a little better, and I will try it in the dark to see if thats any better; but if it doesn’t, I’ll get over it. The thing I am curious about now is if the individual Joy figure is different again to the two I now already have. I’m off to investigate…

Tomy "Inside Out" Figures – Sadness, Disgust, Fear & Anger

So here are the rest of the emotion figures from Tomy that match in with the Joy & Console set I posted about yesterday, and the Headquarters playset that I’ll be sharing soon.

Their boxes are all the same concept, with images of each corresponding character on the front and back, as well as details on the back about the other toys available in the range.

Sadness is probably my personal favourite as I just think they have captured her character really well again and she is great to photograph from multiple angles. Her arms move and in theory she can hold a memory sphere but I did have to support it with blu tac. I tried to show her “glowing” in front of the console but she doesn’t glow as well as the others. Her plastic is too thick and dark so it doesn’t shine through as well as the others. It does look better in the dark though.
Disgust is my least favourite of these figures. She doesn’t stand well (it took me ages to get that photo of her standing and I have several outtakes where she fell as I clicked the shutter!) and I couldn’t get her to hold a memory sphere. I know Joy can’t either but at least Joy glows really well. Disgust glows a lot better in real dark, but still not great in comparison to lighthouse Joy!
Fear is a pretty neat figure. His arms and legs can move (though the legs not much, just so you can make him stand a bit better) and he could hold his memory sphere easily. He also glows quite nicely in front of the console. The eyes are painted a bit wonky on mine but I think it adds to his character πŸ™‚
Anger is probably the most interesting in terms of his options because you can remove the flame piece from the top of his head which is quite cool. You wouldn’t want to then photograph him from above though as he has a huge hole in his head haha! His arms twist, he can hold his memory sphere really well and he glows pretty will by the console too.
I don’t think I showed it yesterday but here is a picture of the Console glowing too. Again, its obviously more noticeable in the dark. I will do a little video on Instagram later to show all the figures and the console in the dark.
And finally, here’s a little photo of the emotions gang all together. I had to blu tac Joy and Disgust into position (plus Anger is supporting Disgust with a sly hand on the rear hehe!).

Tomy "Inside Out" Joy & Console

I know I said originally that I was going to share something from my collection from each film to build up the sections on the blog before sharing items from films I’ve already done, but I got a bunch of Inside Out toys recently and wanted to share them all as I’m really feeling the IO love at the moment! I will do so over the next few days as it would be too many to share in one post.

I’ll start with the Joy & Light Up Console set by Tomy. Its designed to go with the Headquarters playset which I will show you in another post. This set includes a Joy figure and the Console which lights up when you press a button on it; and also, when you hold the figures near it when it is lit, they are meant to glow too.

The box is pretty cool. The background image is of headquarters so it looks like a little scene setter with Joy and the Console in front of it. The sides of the box show the other 4 emotions on one side, and Bing Bong on the other. The back of the box typically shows what other toys are available in the range.

Out of the box, Joy is a pain! She can’t stand at all on her own so I had to prop her against the Console or support her with blue-tac. Her arms move up and down a bit but thats about as exciting as she gets in terms of her movement. I think her left arm/hand is meant to be able to hold a memory sphere and I tried it with a sphere from one of the other characters (which I will write about tomorrow) but as she won’t stand, it won’t stay on there, you have to hold it on.
The console is fairly cool. It’s not overly detailed but acceptable enough for what is really a child’s toy πŸ˜‰ You get it to light up by pressing the yellow button on the wheel on the right side. It doesn’t really notice at all in daylight, works much better in the dark. You can also put memory sphere’s that come with the other characters in the space in the middle and when you light the console up, you can see the picture inside them a bit better. I will show you that in tomorrow’s blog post. Also, when the console is lit, if you move a figure in front of the console, the figure will glow. It only works if they are standing right in front of it as seen below. Of the 5 emotions, Joy glows the best.
In general, its a neat little toy and I’m pleased to have it in my Inside Out collection. However, what I do dislike about this toy range is that to get the complete set of toys, you basically end up with at least 2 Joy figures. The Headquarters playset comes with a Joy and 3 of her memory sphere’s but no console. So if you want the Console to go with the Headquarters, you have to buy this set which means Joy figure number 2. You can also get an individual Joy figure with one memory sphere. I have no idea if its a different memory sphere to the 3 that come with the headquarters set. If it is, it will annoy me as I want them all but I don’t want 3 of the same Joy figure!