"La Luna" Picture Book by Enrico Casarosa

Today I wanted to share one of my favourite books in my Pixar memorabilia collection, which is the children’s picture book of the theatrical short, “La Luna“. It was released by Disney Press in 2012 to coincide with the films release. Enrico Casarosa has worked on many Pixar films including Cars, Ratatouille and Up, but La Luna was his directorial debut; and this beautiful book is illustrated with his wonderful drawings (words by Kiki Thorpe and design by Winnie Ho). As a result, the book really captures the magic of the film and has been much enjoyed by my niece and nephew when I have read it to them. It is still available to buy used on Amazon (and new, but for crazy prices) but it is getting a little harder to find now so I’d grab a copy as soon as you can.