Review: Oh You Pretty Things “Pixar” Surprise Box

Now if anyone knows me, they know that I really like surprise boxes and subscription boxes. Sadly at the moment I don’t get any regular subscription boxes because to be honest, there aren’t any around at the moment that cover my interests enough; but luckily I am still able to get my surprise box “fix” from one of my favourite small businesses around, Oh You Pretty Things, which is run by the fabulous Lauren (aka Queenkewpiex on Instagram). As well as surprise boxes, Lauren also offers prints and mugs of her own artwork; plus she sources some amazing vintage/retro Disney (and other items) such as badges, mirrors and more. She doesn’t just do Disney either; other recent boxes she has done include Anastasia, Thumbelina, The Simpsons, Trolls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and much more! I also happen to know she is working on a new box that I am SUPER excited about and will definitely be getting when they are available 😉

So anyway, lets get back to my order! As well as ordering my surprise box, I also ordered a couple of vintage badges from Lauren of Genie and Chip which you can see below; and Lauren even kindly included that amazing Sorcerer Mickey keyring, as well as a cute card and some princess stickers ❤

Now onto my surprise box! Firstly, everything comes BEAUTIFULLY packaged and I stupidly didn’t take pictures of that because I was just so eager to open it all up! But anyway, below is a quick picture of everything I got inside.

I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture of the Toy Story trading cards (another of my favourite things!) as I have already put them in my folder, but they were super awesome. In terms of handmade items by Lauren, she included the amazing Edna Mode quote print, the beautiful Reach for the Sky necklace, and the To Infinity and Beyond banner. I need to mention here how incredibly sweet Lauren was with regards to the necklace. She knows that I can only use one hand/arm so she was so super sweet and ordered some special magnetic fastenings for the necklace to make it easier for me, and even included some extra ones in the box that I can use on some of my other necklaces. Such a kind thought, I was so touched ❤ I need to get a frame for my print but the banner is already hung on my bed and I adore it!

Also inside my box was the amazing Anger plush, and a figure of Merida which I was super excited about as she is from a set they did in Disney Store of all the princesses but the only one I wanted was Merida so I didn’t buy it, so I am thrilled to have her now 🙂 I also got the amazing Bing Bong Little Golden Book which has actually been on my Amazon wishlist for months and the illustrations are just adorable; plus the iron on Woody patch which again, I’ve been meaning to order one for a while to customize some clothes so really happy with that. Finally, I also got the beautiful pin of Carl and Ellie from Up which I am just over the moon with as I adore them and its such a beautiful pin ❤ Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my Pixar surprise box and will definitely be ordering again from Lauren in the future!



My Top 10 Pixar Movie Songs

I thought I’d start writing some posts about some of my favourite Disney things e.g. songs, characters etc. and so I am starting off with my top 10 songs from the Pixar films, including the short films. Now this list isn’t in a specific order, though the first one listed is my absolute favourite. Let me know if you agree with any of my choices or if you think I have missed out one you think is awesome ❤

  1. You’ve Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story) – Randy Newman

I don’t think this is going to come as a great surprise to anyone that this is my ultimate favourite song from a Pixar film. I just love the lyrics and the meaning behind it. I also have a treasured memory of one of my best friends in school printing off the lyrics for me and presenting it to me as a gift as a symbol of our friendship ❤

2. If I Didn’t Have You (Monsters Inc.) – Billy Crystal and John Goodman

I love this song because its so fun and such a classic buddy song. I love how its been done in character and the lyrics are brilliant, I love listening to it at the end credits of the film.

3. Life is a Highway (Cars) – Rascal Flatts

This is real feel good song and it also feels a little more “grown up” so if you ever feel the need to listen to a Disney song in an environment where it might not be so appropriate to be belting it out to “Let it Go”, this song is perfect XD

4. Sailing No More (Toy Story) – Randy Newman

This song is up there on my list as one of the saddest Disney songs ever! It just breaks my heart when Buzz realises he is “just” a toy and you see the emotion on his face. The song matches his emotions completely and is timed so perfectly as he falls and crashes on the floor. So although it is one of the saddest songs to me, it is a real work of art too so I had to include it even though it upsets me XD

5. Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Wall-E) – Michael Crawford

This song was originally from the film musical “Hello, Dolly!” but part of it is used in the opening sequence of Wall-E. I just feel it was really clever as the opening lyrics are perfect for applying to the wonder of the universe and the shots of outer space it is set against are just incredible; but then as we lower down to see Earth as it has become, full of rubbish and no signs of life; the song starts to fade out which I think has a really powerful impact.

6. Time of Your Life (A Bug’s Life) – Randy Newman

Another great song from Randy Newman with great lyrics. It plays during the end credits of the film but you can still listen to the lyrics and relate it to how Flik felt when he was going off out into the world and seeing all these new things and it matches his personality so well too.

7. Married Life (Up) – Michael Giacchino

This is the only song on my list that is purely instrumental but it is one of my absolute favourite pieces of music ever as it just conveys so much emotion in a few short minutes. I can picture the sequence from the film that it it set against perfectly when I listen to it and get just as emotional just listening to the music on its own as I do when I watch the film. Just beautiful.

8. When Somebody Loved Me (Toy Story 2) – Sarah McLachlan

Earlier I talked about “Sailing No More” being one of the saddest songs ever, but this one takes the number one spot for that title! This is of course “Jessie’s Song” where we learn her story of once being loved by her girl Emily, and then abandoned when Emily grows up. It is beautifully sung by Sarah McLachlan and perfectly conveys Jessie’s feelings in that moment in the film. As I have grown up myself, I actually find it too sad to listen to on its own now, but it still had to have a place in my top Pixar songs ❤

9. Boundin’ (Boundin’) – Bud Luckey

This is a musically narrated story from the Pixar short, Boundin’, written, directed and performed by Bud Luckey. I just adore the story/lyrics and the musical composition is just adorable. Its my favourite of all the Pixar shorts and when I am feeling down, I always watch it or listen to it to help myself feel better ❤

10. Lava (Lava) – Kuana Torres Kahele & Napua Greig

This is from another of Pixar’s short films (and my 2nd favourite of all their shorts) and again, the lyrics and story and meaning behind the song are just so beautiful and it is beautifully sung by Kuana Torres Kahele and Napua Greig. It has so much emotion in it; its heartbreaking when he disappears beneath the sea, but when his love starts singing and you hear him burst out and find her, its so joyful and makes me so happy. Its just a wonderful love song ❤

Up – Disney Store "Kevin" Plush

I got this Kevin plush a couple of weeks ago now and wanted to share him with you as he is absolutely one of my new most favourite plush toys that I own. My sister-in-law actually got him at a car boot sale for £1 but she gave him to me 🙂

He was originally from the Disney Store and would have been released at the same time as the movie in 2009. His neck and legs both have wire or something in them so you can pose and bend them, and as a result you can actually get him to stand on his own with a bit of balancing. He has obviously been well loved in his previous home as the stuffing on his neck has got a little displaced and as a result his head can be a bit floppy but I’ve managed to fix it a little bit. Anyway, I am absolutely thrilled with this new addition to my collection so I hope you’ll love him as much as I do ❤

Funko Pop Vinyl Figures – Up – Russell & Carl

I’m intending to share a post with a toy/s or memorabilia from each Pixar movie that I have any for so there is something on each page of the site before I start re-doing the same movies etc. So today I am sharing some recent Up toys that I got.

I hadn’t been that into the Funko Pop Vinyl figures when I’d only seen them in photos but then a friend sent me Woody and Buzz (and later, Jessie) and I realized they are actually pretty cool 🙂 However, as I mainly buy my toys and memorabilia at car boot sales and thrift shops, I never come across any this way. A few weeks ago I decided my Up collection needed expanding so I thought I’d give the Carl and Russell figures a go.
Now, before I go any further, I better warn you (as some toy collectors will hate me for this) that I do not keeps toys in boxes. Toys are for playing with so although I do open them as carefully as I can and do keep the boxes, I do de-box all my toys. So if you aren’t comfortable with that, this blog isn’t for you lol 🙂 Also, its completely Toy Story’s 2 fault that I am this way so blame it on that haha!
Anyway, Russell and Carl came a few weeks ago but I only just got round to opening them today. The boxes are pretty standard, with illustrations of the respective figures on them, as well as pictures of other figures available on the back. I’m a little annoyed that my Russell box has a sticker on the bottom but its not the end of the world as boxes aren’t a huge priority for me as mentioned earlier (sorry again!).
Here they are together out their boxes. At first glance, Carl is definitely my favourite. I would be more comfortable with Russell if he had a mouth of some kind but apart from that, he is pretty cute. It would also have been cool if they had done them in a set together and scaled them a bit better together size wise but each on their own, they are both adorable.
Carl’s stick is a bit bent but I kind of like it like that as it makes him look slightly more in motion. His grumpy face is just perfect. His painting is a little scrappy in places but on the whole, generally pretty good.
As I said before, I’d prefer Russell with a little mouth of some kind but its the general style of all the Pop Vinyl figures so I guess I’ll have to get over it if I’m going to get more of them lol. For some reason I don’t find it as noticeable with my Woody, Buzz and Jessie but I do with Russell. Again, his paint work is a little scrappy in places but generally ok. I love how his hands are clenched and if you look at him from behind, you can really notice Russell’s determined stance which I adore.
As a whole, I am pretty happy with them and I’m sure I’ll be expanding my Pop Vinyl collection in the future. Top of my wishlist are Wall-E, Eve, Bing Bong, Sadness, Arlo, Boo and Rex though I know some of them are quite hard to find at a reasonable price now so we’ll have to see what happens.