Review: Oh You Pretty Things “Pixar” Surprise Box

Now if anyone knows me, they know that I really like surprise boxes and subscription boxes. Sadly at the moment I don’t get any regular subscription boxes because to be honest, there aren’t any around at the moment that cover my interests enough; but luckily I am still able to get my surprise box “fix” from one of my favourite small businesses around, Oh You Pretty Things, which is run by the fabulous Lauren (aka Queenkewpiex on Instagram). As well as surprise boxes, Lauren also offers prints and mugs of her own artwork; plus she sources some amazing vintage/retro Disney (and other items) such as badges, mirrors and more. She doesn’t just do Disney either; other recent boxes she has done include Anastasia, Thumbelina, The Simpsons, Trolls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and much more! I also happen to know she is working on a new box that I am SUPER excited about and will definitely be getting when they are available πŸ˜‰

So anyway, lets get back to my order! As well as ordering my surprise box, I also ordered a couple of vintage badges from Lauren of Genie and Chip which you can see below; and Lauren even kindly included that amazing Sorcerer Mickey keyring, as well as a cute card and some princess stickers ❀

Now onto my surprise box! Firstly, everything comes BEAUTIFULLY packaged and I stupidly didn’t take pictures of that because I was just so eager to open it all up! But anyway, below is a quick picture of everything I got inside.

I’m afraid I forgot to take a picture of the Toy Story trading cards (another of my favourite things!) as I have already put them in my folder, but they were super awesome. In terms of handmade items by Lauren, she included the amazing Edna Mode quote print, the beautiful Reach for the Sky necklace, and the To Infinity and Beyond banner. I need to mention here how incredibly sweet Lauren was with regards to the necklace. She knows that I can only use one hand/arm so she was so super sweet and ordered some special magnetic fastenings for the necklace to make it easier for me, and even included some extra ones in the box that I can use on some of my other necklaces. Such a kind thought, I was so touched ❀ I need to get a frame for my print but the banner is already hung on my bed and I adore it!

Also inside my box was the amazing Anger plush, and a figure of Merida which I was super excited about as she is from a set they did in Disney Store of all the princesses but the only one I wanted was Merida so I didn’t buy it, so I am thrilled to have her now πŸ™‚ I also got the amazing Bing Bong Little Golden Book which has actually been on my Amazon wishlist for months and the illustrations are just adorable; plus the iron on Woody patch which again, I’ve been meaning to order one for a while to customize some clothes so really happy with that. Finally, I also got the beautiful pin of Carl and Ellie from Up which I am just over the moon with as I adore them and its such a beautiful pin ❀ Overall, I was absolutely thrilled with my Pixar surprise box and will definitely be ordering again from Lauren in the future!



Toy Story That Time Forgot – Buzz, Woody, Trixie, Reptillus & Goliathon

I decided to order some of the Toy Story That Time Forgot action figures this week whilst they were on sale and still available to buy easily (on Amazon). I wasn’t able to get the whole set but I did get Battle Armor Buzz, Battle Armor Woody, Battle Armor Trixie, Reptillus Maximus and Goliathon.

They were all boxed but as stated previously, I do not keep toys in boxes so they have all been carefully removed and the boxes stored away.
I’ll start by showing you Goliathon. Here he is in his box, front and back views shown. He was the only one of the ones I got not to have a protective plastic box cover. The back of the box just shows the other figures you can collect from the series.
He’s actually a pretty cool toy, with wheels on the bottom so you can move him along, and his mouth opens nice and wide so he can eat the other toys πŸ™‚ He is actually pretty mean looking too which I like a lot, I’ll have fun taking some photos of him out in the garden I think.
The others all came in blister boxes on card as you can see, all with the same illustration in the background. The back of the boxes was also the same for each figure, again showing the other figures available to collect.
Buzz comes with an axe which he can hold in either hand. I noticed with all the figures that the hand grips are quite tight which makes it a little tricky to put the accessories into them but once they are in they hold pretty well so that is good.
Reptillus Maximus comes with his staff thing and when you take him out the package his tail is not attached so that just clips on. As with Buzz, his hand grip is pretty tight on both hands but he can hold his staff in both hands well.
Trixie is probably my favourite of the figures, I just think her detailing is really nice and I like the expression on her face. Her legs move and you can move her head from side to side too. Her armor is all attached, as with the other figures, so you can’t take any of it off but that’s fine as it means no pieces to go missing easily!
And finally we have Woody. Normally, Woody can do no wrong in my eyes as he is my absolute favourite Pixar character; however, this Woody is a right pain! He does not like to stand at all. It took me ages to balance him for these photos! Aside from that though, I like him as a figure. His detail is pretty good and I like that his hat is removable as I was expected it to be fixed on. He comes with a sword which he can hold well in both hands.
As a set, I am pretty pleased with them and I definitely want to add the rest of the figures to my collection so I will be hunting for those online later πŸ˜‰ Here are some extra bonus pics of them all for you to enjoy πŸ™‚